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Life Insurance

Life Cover is vital for anyone with liabilities or dependents. It provides a cash sum on death. Cash sums payable in the event of a serious illness are also available. 

The younger and healthier you are, the cheaper life cover is. An independent advisor can help you source the most competitive policies and/or review any existing plans to ensure they are best for your current circumstances. 

The cost reflects not only the amount and type of cover purchased but also the period, or 'term'.
For a family there will be many factors to take into account in calculating potential financial shortfalls after the loss of a parent. This is something your adviser can help you with to ensure cover is appropriate and not too costly.

Life cover is an extremely affordable way of ensuring mortgages and unsecured debts are paid off, should the worst happen. For families, a cash sum can also replace a breadwinner's income or a house-person's costs. For a single person it can be used to cover funeral expenses